Busines Resource You Need to Bring Your Service Online

The business ecosystem as we presently know it is changed forever.

Businesses of the 21st Century Leverage on Thechnolgy to Generates Revenue. They Don’t have their own Inventories But they are Giants who run the Economies of the World.

Careers of the future would require a new set of digital skills due to the fact that existing jobs are most at risk of disruption by new technology.

The business ecosystem as we presently know it is changed forever. Are you prepared for that change? Is your firm positioned to be fully operational online?

The future belongs to those who are proactive and take the initiative
to evolve their business with the times; to make strategic changes that will position them ahead of other competitors and not simply rely on chance as they sit through things.

Time to Bring Your Service Online

Step-By-Step Guide to Transitioning your Service to an Online Business

We’re living in a unique time, one where the future of businesses, both brick and mortar, and services are required to be online. what does this mean for those whose livelihood depends on the in person services that they offer?
There are millions of service providers who offer their skills locally worldwide, all of whom are needing to reinvent their business to the online world. This is especially true for independent service providers who rely on person-to-person connections.
If you are one of them—whether a fitness instructor, a therapist, a teacher or any other type of independent service provider—then this 5-step checklist & store can help you develop ways to take your skills and share them with a new, virtual audience:
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Create Your Brand Identity

You’ve already worked hard on creating an offline service, and possibly have repeat clientele, but moving from offline to online requires building a global brand and then getting that brand known and recognized.

Start off with developing a brand strategy, then decide on the perfect logo for your brand, and follow up with creating a cohesive brand design style guide and a consistent brand voice and tone to give your brand its own identity. Once you’ve created a recognizable brand, be sure that it stays consistent throughout all your different marketing assets. Learn more about creating a brand identity here.

Build Your Website

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The first decision you need to make is whether you plan to create a site for the purpose of selling online services, or, a simple site to showcase who you are, this decision will determine what type of platform you use to build your site

If you’re looking to sell courses online, then three of the most popular course platforms are TeachableKajabi and Thinkific. If you’re looking to build a personal website, then Wix or WordPress could be the right solution for you.

Enlist the advice of a Pro website creator to help you decide on the right plan for you.

Consider enlisting the help of a web designer so you can get things set up quickly (and to your liking). And if you’re not sure which platform fits your needs, you can always check out these support services.

You might want to consider building a mobile app in addition to your site, so that your audience can easily consume your services.

In addition, you’ll need tools that enable your customers to book appointments with you as well as to have the sessions with you with ease. Take a look at these best practices for useful tools you can use. There are several you can try, such as GigabookSetmore, and Appointlet.

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Create Great Website Content

Once your website is up and running, your next step is to create great website content that engages with your audience and provides them with value.

Your online business can’t really take off without engaging website content and powerful design. Both aspects allow you to communicate your value proposition and when done successfully, convert leads into sales.

For instance, examples of compelling website content include…

  • Email blasts and newsletters that encourage customers to schedule a video appointment
  • Blog posts that provide daily tips or at-home exercises
  • Social media posts or instructional videos that offer inspiration and insight
  • An FAQ page that can help customers with general questions about your independent services

Want to hook your audience to your service and brand? All you need is a professional copywriter who can elevate your website content and a talented graphic designer who can customize your web and mobile design. Nail your copy and design and you’ll be much more likely to see a spike in your conversion rates.

Remember, good copywriting not only communicates your product benefits, but it also has the ability to create a strong emotional connection with your customers. It’s this connection that sets you apart from your competition. Looking to perfect your website content? Click here.

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Don’t Forget About SEO

Selecting the right keywords for your e-commerce site’s SEO can determine how it stands out in search results. Your content must match the keywords you want to rank for.

When you are selling a service, content is important, and within that content lies certain keywords that should be used to let search engines categorize your business under specific search results. That being said, you should hire a professional blog and articles writer to create quality content for you. By doing so, you bolster your SEO strategy, while also building your overall brand and positioning yourself as a thought leader in that particular space.

From engaging blog posts to landing page copy and general copy attached to videos and images, you can use all of these areas to improve your SEO rankings, which ultimately leads to customers booking more one-on-one sessions.

Access the right tools for your SEO keyword search here

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Digitize Your Service

So you’re used to offering your service in person, mainly only one on one, the idea of moving your business online might seem daunting, but don’t fright, it is very possible to transition to offering the service to a new, wider audience, you just need to set up “shop” online and begin driving traffic to your website. First, you need to identify the technologies required to deliver your services. Ask yourself how you want to offer your service, will you be doing live video chat, a webinar, recording a video, or streaming.

There are many video chatting and webinar platforms you can use, most of which offer recording options. Zoom is a great choice, one we use here at Fiverr.

One of the best tips to follow when it comes to video is to repurpose existing videos of yours, whether it’s editing them to ads, adding beautiful intros and outros or making them accessible to more audiences by transcribing, translating, and recording new voice overs. Also, If you’re offering services via pre-recorded videos, then consider localizing your video by translating it into different languages and then getting someone to do a voiceover or transcribing it into a different format.

Regardless of how you plan to tweak your video, consider having a professional video editor make it look its best.

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Promote Your New Online Service

Now that you’ve transitioned your service to an online business, it’s time to make sure it gets the right amount of promotion to be known.

If you’ve put in the work to create a unique, recognizable brand, and have invested in ensuring you have quality content that your audience will enjoy, it’s time to expand your horizons, and moreso, expand your audience based outside of your existing network.

You can hire a marketing strategist to help you build a long term marketing strategy. If you’d like to be considered as a thought leader in your area of expertise, consider hiring a public relations pro, to gain you visibility on global publications.

You’ll also need to make sure you build up your social presence through social media marketing. Just remember that you want all your content—from social copy to your social asset designs, and even your short video ads—to be consistent with your brand style guides.

Since content is such a big part of building your brand, make sure you include content marketing into your strategy so that the blog posts we discussed in step 3, as well as your social content, is in line with generating momentum and getting yourself heard. If you’re recording videos, then in addition to putting it on your website and sharing it on social networks, be sure to use YouTube and video marketing techniques to push it to the most viewers.

If you’ve ever wanted to increases overall exposure by extending reach to potential customers with Digital Marketing Tools such as Links-management Content Marketing Free Classifieds and Pay-Per-Click Advertising Display Advertising Search Engine Submission Services Leads Generation Search Engine Optimization (SEOInfluencier Marketing Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing Email Marketing Mobile Marketing to juice-up running of your business and the flow of your sales funnel andReach Better Customers with eCommerce Store Builder to Connect with Millions of Shoppers on the World’s most Vibrant Marketplace and Target Millions of Global or Local Customers.

Part of your promotional strategy can be to find other platforms to sell your service on, so if you’re offering any of these online lessons, you can look into being a seller here on Fiverr.

For your convenience, we have gathered all the relevant services in this one-stop-shop.
Still need help moving your business online? Reach out to us for help and we’ll match you with the right sellers.

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