Business Sense Strategy to Your Legal Needs

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The average business minded person believes (and rightly so), that litigation could turn out a waste of time and a bad business move. With a legal system fraught with delays, litigation does not seem to take into consideration the time value of money in cases of monetary claims whether as debts or as damages. In ….  Continue Reading

Law Practice Digital Transformation Strategy

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Technology is molding a new legal culture driven by data, results, and processes. Law firms need to explore the trends and technologies driving change and adapt to harness its potential for successful legal practice. Most professional services require a mixture of art and science. Professions like medicine, law, architecture, and engineering demand much more of ….  Continue Reading

Legal Structure for Business Formation

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Starting a business, or managing an existing one, is an exciting endeavour for any entrepreneur, but there is a lot to learn. From human resources and hiring to forming a partnership and setting up a corporation, it’s important to have a general understanding of everything that will play a part in your startup or small ….  Continue Reading

Business Transformation Shift Toward Digital Ecosystem

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  Technology has enabled businesses to leverage more opportunities and it’s important to understand how you can take advantage of these developments. The business landscape is continuously evolving and every business is becoming digital. With each new digital technology, a new transformation wave hits. To be successful, you need to know how to navigate these ….  Continue Reading